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W E  A R E  S I S I A

Sisia swimwear inspired from a beautiful island in the western South Pacific.

Sisia brand concept: Creating natural and comfortable elegance of sexy.

The designers select all kinds of distinctive comfortable materials. And strictly tailor well-fit

and comfortable products. The brand is committed to make every lady who’s wearing Sisia

swimwear feels like living a brand new life.

Sisia brand essence: Showing the outstanding and unique personality.

The designers have been cooperating with the European and Australian fashion brands for years. These experiences keep them getting the latest

vogue and fashion. And they can always bring surprises to you by capturing the most fashion elements.

From now on, Sisia will accompany with you to enjoy your long vacations.

Under the sun,

upon the beach ,

with sky blue ocean ,

you may totally relax and enjoy by showing your attracted body with Sisia.

With Sisia, fall in love with the new one you have been.